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Day in and day out. Work work work. That's all I've been doing Mon-Fri for the last two weeks. I feel like I don't have time to get online and socialize with my friends like I have been and like I want to. I'm tired, haven't been sleeping well, my wrist has been hurting me, etc. A million excuses, I know. I'm not used to this working 9-5 on a daily basis. It's draining, especially when there's too much consistency to your day. At least for me it is, but I guess that's what I'm to expect regardless of the type of job I end up with. Oh life.

I'll have a set of pictures from the photo meme ready by this weekend. I think I have pretty much everything shot. I just need to do one or two and then edit and upload. I'm also going to launch my holiday card post soon too so I can get started on that as soon as possible. Since there's no telling how much or how little time I'll have to execute it.^^

Anyway, I must be off to get ready for work. ♥
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