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Most of the results from the picture meme. Sorry that I do not have everyone's! But I will get them taken soon. ♥

Pictures are about 50pixels bigger than I normally resize them so beware!

[ profile] razorbagel requested Sunny.

[ profile] kyustardust requested my fridge.

The inside fridge. We also have a fridge outside that has foodstuff in it too.

[ profile] trolleys requested my favourite window view.

Kitchen window. There is just something about the colours being reflected on a beautiful day. ♥

[ profile] pittari requested my favourite place to be in my house.

My bed. La. ♥

[ profile] thelastroads requested my computer.

ignore the dust otl This was prior to cleaning.

[ profile] conflate requested my study desk / work desk.

This is as close as it's going to get sadly since I don't have a desk. D:

[ profile] stepback requested Sunny.

[ profile] fishpatrol requested my bookshelf.

So it's kind of cheating since I only just got a bookshelf this past week.
But since I got rid of an old giant TV that I was using to house my things,
I finally had the room for one. And I love it.^^

And that's all for now! I will have the other requests another time. ♥
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