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I'm starting this rather early, I know but it will give me an entire month or so to get everything ready and sent out. I know the world is full of diversity and different religions that do not celebrate Christmas so I try my best to send out relatively generic Happy Holiday sort of cards. But to add a personal touch I always include a photo that I've taken.

If you don't celebrate any specific holiday, please let me know! I'll still send you a card (I have plenty of pretty non holiday cards lying around) and I'd still love to send them to you guys. ♥

I'm giving your choice of photo this time around. You can ask for something I've posted before, a picture of Sunny, or a prompt of your own. My only rules are no pictures of me, I can't do snow or anything "scenic" since I live in south Louisiana and there isn't anything very nice to look at around here. I cannot guarantee the artsy-ness of a prompt you give me though so just a warning. Lol. And if anything I may ask for a different prompt from you just to guarantee I can do it. ><

Just fill out the poll! Answers are only viewable to me but if you still don't feel comfortable leaving your address in the poll, you can post it in a comment (all comments are screened!), or you can email me at photo.graphic.nerd at gmail dot com, but please let me know who you are.^^

Also, if you want a photo that I've posted already please leave which one (a link to the post is fine) in the comments. All prints will be standard 4x6 colour prints. If a photo you want is square shaped or something I'll print it personally and the size will vary (everything has to fit into the envelope. Lol.)

Since I barely have time to take the photos for the handful of you guys that requested, can you please either choose a picture of Sunny or something I've posted before (non-polaroids since my scans suck to print) - this tag # is all my photo posts. I'd really appreciate it. ♥

[Poll #1477559]

I'll close the poll some time in December. International bbs will be sent out first to guarantee delivery and I will send them airmail this year unlike previous years where it took months to receive. OTL.


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