Nov. 18th, 2009

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Long time no update! (Psst. If you haven't filled out my holiday card post, go go go!)

I brought the idea up to mom to get an elliptical for Christmas since they always get us a "family" Christmas present. Since we never make it to the gym (with the exception of my brother who is doing kick boxing & MMA) but always complain about needing to work out and lose weight. So mom and Robert went buy an elliptical last week. Rofl. I've worked out nearly every day for a good 15-20 minutes and have lost 3lbs since last week. \m/ If I can keep it up and build my resistance up to go more than 20 minutes (my thighs, they burns) then I don't doubt I can lose about 30lbs or more in a few months time. WHICH MAKES ME VERY HAPPY! :D

Work has been blah. Still not exactly making 20 hours a week but that's mostly because we are so insanely slow still and they still haven't managed to finish the building. -_-; They need to be done before December 5th since we're having our Grand Opening (oh joy).

Nothing much else has been going on. I have some errands to go run today, bank, Walmart for make-up, etc. Mom, my Granny, and I went shopping Sunday. I got some espresso brown curtains for my room and I bought a couple of other little things. :3 Pictures here. )

I bought some skinny jeans too that I need to get hemmed because they are like a foot too long on me. -_-; Mom wants to go see The Blind Side this weekend but New Moon comes out and I am somewhat afraid of going to the theatre. Rofl. I want to see New Moon but it will wait until it's in the theatre for a few weeks. John wants to go see Avatar and I want to see Ninja Assassin and damn near everything else that has come out. Too many movies and no time to go see them!

There was something else I wanted to write about but I forgot what it was. Oh well. I guess I'll go shower now and attempt to get some things done today. :D ♥

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