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Jan. 13th, 2010 05:56 pm
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Long time no update. Just not much going on besides work and if you follow me on twitter, that's pretty much where most of my random everyday sort of updates go.

Anyway, went to New Orleans this Sunday with John and Ben despite the insane cold (which I love) Louisiana has been suffering with the last couple of weeks.

Random pictures beyond this cut. )

And that was the end of our journey. It was really nice to get out and go do something and just walk around the Quarter when it's not scorching hot. I miss just going do things but work and money permit me from engaging in more things. I miss taking pictures but feel so uninspired when I'm in these cities and places that I've been a hundred times over.

I really want to take a weekend off and drive out to Texas to visit somewhere. IDK it would be a change from the same Louisiana scenery. And to visit a new place would be nice. I miss taking going out and taking pictures but I'm just so bored with everything that's around here.

Maybe one day I'll get to go do something I really want to do. Just will have to keep saving and hope to all hell that nothing comes between me and that goal again. I'll try to update a bit more if anything interesting happens. ♥

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Jan. 21st, 2008 02:38 pm
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I'm about two weeks late, but it's better than nothing. -_-;;

Clark Creek - Part 2 (23) )

Tech specs:
Canon EOS 350D / Rebel XT
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Curves and saturation edits in PSP8.

Depending on how my day goes tomorrow, I may post pictures from my niece's 2nd birthday party and I may post the images I shot for our first assignment in photo (everyone had to take one roll [film or digital] in a week of things that they love or interest them; the results were pretty neat).

Also, E.H.B. Episode 11 was FANTASTIC. Oh, bb Kyu~! You are a prince. So much love. I cannot wait for next week's episode or the subs for this one. Teukie in a shopping cart AND AND underwater mouth to mouth FTW! *dies*

I am finally giving in and going buy a second external hard drive - 500GB Western Digital My Book. I'm running out of space so quick and I'm afraid of filling my drive up to capacity. :O

Ta. 'Til next time. ♥

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Jan. 8th, 2008 04:14 pm
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Whoo. I just went through all of my posts that I've ever posted and put a # tag on all of my photo posts. D: I'm quite embarrassed and a little disgusted at some of my older photography. o.o

Anyway, lots of pictures from The Myrtles, a cemetery (both in St. Francisville, LA), and Clark Creek (Mississippi) right behind this lovely cut. I won't post all of them here since there are so many and because I want to do some individual photo posts with some of the ones that I really like. Enjoy. :)

The Myrtles and Clark Creek - Part 1 (28 pictures) )

Tech specs:
Canon EOS 350D / Rebel XT
Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Curves and saturation edits in PSP8.

Geez. I'll post the second part tomorrow and from there will do individual posts.

Ta for now. ♥

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