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Random picture. )

I've been enjoying clicking around on the GyuhyunCN board. Thank you, bb. ♥

I called and don't have jury duty Monday. This makes me very happy. I haven't done much of anything today. And I've been having these crazy urges to draw but am severely lacking in skills. I'm also thinking of selling prints on Etsy to make some money. I just don't want to invest in something (yet again) and have it fail on me. :/ That's pretty much all I have.

Mom's ordering Chinese. Mmm. Be around later. ♥
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Happy birthdays to my dears,
[ profile] pittari and [ profile] adorkable37!

Image Hosted by
Kyu, why so rough? ^^

I'm still trying to catch up on con reports. And I'm in the process of finishing the commentary on the second part of the one I already managed to post. FINISHED. I'm sure I forgot lots of things but oh well. Time after cons are so much work, geez.

I've caught up on Super Junior stuff and am happy to hear that Yesung falling off the stage at Music Bank wasn't anything serious. D: Poor baby. Other than that, nothing has been going on with them really. Yamaha CF in Thailand? or was it the Philippines? IDK.

Anyway, I have this crazy desire to read some Harry/Draco, Sirius/Harry, and Remus/Sirius fic. If you have any recs, pls to be sharing. ♥
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Happy early birthdays to:
[ profile] jedipirate, [ profile] sukinohikari, & [ profile] bewarethesmirk

Because I know I'll forget. I usually forget to post birthday notices most of the time, so sorry if I've missed you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE! :DD

So my sister's wedding dress came in Friday. I got all dressed and everything to head over to the store to see her try it on and before I know it my brother is calling me asking if I wanted a snowball. I was rather confused myself. Come to find out my mom forgot to call me (this is nothing new btw) to tell me that we weren't going. FAIL. So, I got dressed for nothing. D:

Instead we ended up going yesterday. Her dress is really pretty and overall it's just kind of weird to know that October will be here before I know it. Damn responsibilities of being MOH. :/

Anyway, have some pictures. )

I'll be posting the rest of my photo meme pictures tomorrow. I just have to dig out books from the massive pile of boxes I have stacked in here. That should be fun. *has no idea where anything is anymore*

It's quite possible I'll be going to Cozumel next summer with my mom and her float. They're planning a 4-day cruise and it's very tempting. Mainly because I don't want to pass up the opportunity of going photograph the beach. Lol. I can do without being around the crazy drunken woman. Oh let's hope it works out. :)

I think that's all. I'll be retiring from the computer for a while until I know I won't get kicked off at a moment's notice. Oh I hope someone calls the cable company tomorrow. *sigh*

Be around later. ♥
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Happy birthday, daddy.

I don't have some kind of eloquently worded passage for you.
And even though you aren't here for me to tell you in person,
I hope you know how much we all love and miss you.
Despite not always getting along or agreeing, I remember all
those good times we did have and at times wish I could take
back the times that weren't so good.

I just want you to know there is not a day that goes by that
I don't think about you or remember everything, something.

I love you, daddy.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:47 am
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Happy Birthday to my one and only niche, Hailly Lynn!
She makes two years old today. Awww.

Have some pictures from her birthday party this past weekend. )

I have to go meet my sister to go try on bridal gowns. Do not want. I have to go shower and like...shave my legs first though. :/

Please check out my previous post if you haven't done so already. It's very large and I would rather it not go unseen. :/

And that's all I have for now.

Ta. ♥
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Happy birthday to my dear [ profile] clay1124!

I hope you have a great birthday despite having to work.
I'm sad I can't celebrate it with you but I'm keeping you in mind and in my heart.
I love you, bb. ♥
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Happy birthday
[ profile] elseinane and [ profile] alabastard!

Hope your days are lovely.
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Happy birthday,
Courtney [ profile] torn_portfolio!

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Happy birthday, Carina [ profile] immaturity!
One year closer to being legal. :P

And late Happy Birthdays to:
Robert [ profile] boberto518 and Kia [ profile] serraasuka!


Real life:

So, I've not been around much this past week. That's due to Clayton [ profile] clay1124 being home on vacation for the week. I don't see him very often these days because he works like a madman and is now living in Baton Rouge with Crawford. They're such a cute little married couple. :P We've just been hanging out, running around town, and watching movies with nothing much else to do. In the past seven days I've seen Hairspray twice (last Friday and Monday / omglovelovelove), Elizabeth (because the second one looks awesome), 300 (Clay bought it because it was rented out everywhere), Hot Fuzz, Thursday night was 1408 (with Clay and John, which was a terrible movie), and Friday evening The Simpsons Movie (with Clay, John, and Ben). Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does. Hahaha. That movie was hilarity in a jar. Or should I say dome? *G*

We hung out at BAM before the Simpsons and I managed to take a few pictures with my cell phone of the boys and my face. )

Saturday was the only day I didn't go anywhere, instead I spent the day cleaning house. :O Not something I really enjoy but as no one else is going to do it, I may as well attempt to keep it somewhat clean. I told my dad he should hire a maid to come every week or so just to get the "deep cleaning" it needs. I can sweep, mop, wash clothes, and do dishes and all but dusting and scrubbing and stinky chemicals is not my idea of fun. :/ But of course I still stayed up until 4:00 am. I got wrangled into joining in at [ profile] thedressingroom to celebrate [ profile] beklagar's Michael's birthday. I posted a few comments but haha RPing is so not for me. I'm all like "omg what am I supposed to do say what ohgod /dumb-awkward." But whatevs it's all for the love of Michael! Err, yeah... I ended up staying up that late reading the threads. 800+ comments at the time and now there are ~150 new comments that I need to catch up on. Whoo.

Woke up yesterday at a quarter to 8:00 to go to New Orleans with John, Ben, and John's little brother Micah. It started off rainy on the drive but it had all passed by the time we got into the city. We made it to the Riverwalk at 11:00 am before it was even supposed to open, so we just walked through, stopped at Brookstone where everyone ogled the crazy gadgets they have. We also witnessed a little girl on an exercise machine that was the most perverse thing I have every seen. Really. "Gallop" was one of the settings. I kid you not.

Anyway, we left and went play around in the French Quarter, ate at Rotolo's, visited a book store, antique shops, court yard sale, a sex shop called Second Skin (they had a gimp suite in the store and I had to try hard not to laugh when John was like "I don't want to know what that is" hahah), and the Market. I bought a new pair of sunglasses that better not break on me and nearly cried over a table stacked with vintage cameras in a junk shop. Wantwantwant. It was so damn hot. I thought I was going to die but managed to survive thanks to nipping in various shops to cool off. Oooh. Also saw a Catalina macaw! The poor baby was so hot and not restrained. :( Upon further research, it may have been a Harlequin macaw. It was some hybrid as it looked more like a B&G but it had a red/yellow-ish coloured tummy. Anyway, I'm sure no one but the bird lovers cares about this anyhow. :P

Picture time! )

We stayed in New Orleans until about 4:00-4:30 and finally made our way home. I was exhausted by the time I got home, so I cuddled with bird all intending to take about an hour nap or so. I stayed sleeping for about four hours instead. I woke up at 11:30, picked Sunny up (he was sleeping on my arm under the covers), was so sore it hurt to walk to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went back to bed. I slept until 10:00 this morning and got up and cleaned the kitchen and washed clothes.

I piddled all day and plan to clean my room, vacuum, and mop the kitchen and living room. My brother starts school tomorrow, so I won't have to worry about him until 2:30 pm. Niiice.

I got my coin purse in today! It's so cute. x3 Only thing I won't be able to put my credit cards and stuff in it because it's not wide enough. Bah. Student loan is supposed to post tomorrow and it'll be a week and a day until the next Remus Lupins concert and the Whomping Willows. :D Exictedddd. Though, I still have no idea what I'm going to do about staying the night in N.O. or just driving home at whatever time in the morning. I also need to get an inspection sticker as mine expired in July. Is it sad that I haven't truly driven my car since last Saturday? I mean, really.

OH! My sister and Dustin got engaged this past Wednesday. :D She asked me to be the maid of honor. xD I was a bit speechless and surprised that she asked me. Haha. I figured she'd go for one of her good friends or something but I don't know how all this wedding crap works anyhow. But I accepted of course, she probably would have killed me otherwise. And she basically said that she was forcing me to be the Godmother for the next child. :/ As long as I'm at least 30 by that time, I have no worries. I'll also be taking their engagement photos for them. So, wheee.

May have potential job for a media company here. POV magazine (which I've never seen or really heard much about) is the local free magazine that features places around town. They're always looking for photographers, so as soon as I stop being an idiot and remember to call to find out more about the job I'm going to go over there and see what the deal is. I don't know how that'll work with my upcoming school schedule, but it's a job! Considering my self funding method of selling prints of my photographs isn't going as well as I would like to have hoped.

The [ profile] hp_la meet-up last Saturday was mucho fun. I didn't even realize how late it was by the time we left. It was great seeing everyone and just hanging out for a few hours. *hugs*

I also have a story about going to Maurpas, Louisiana on Sunday with Chloe to visit her dad but I don't feel like getting into it. Needless to say, some people need to control their road rage and I hope that bitch got stopped and ticketed by the state police.

And that's it! I hope you all enjoyed or ignored this lovely RL post from me. Until next time. Ta. ♥

EDIT: OMG ahahah. Any Backstreet Boys fans? They have a new single out - youtube. But Kevin's gone. :( They can't be the same without Kevin. /triesnottolaugh

Just for clarification:

I will not be leaving livejournal. While I do not agree with what LJ/6A is doing to their users by banning without so much as a chance for the user to explain or clarify things, I am lazy and don't feel like going through the hassle of relocating to a 'lesser' journaling site. Yes, I did make a greatestjournal account but until there is a definite move over it's just going to sit empty. I will set up syndication for this lj to post there (if I can figure out how / if it's available) but for the most part it'll just be a watcher journal.

I don't have a JF account, unless someone wants to give me one, and I don't feel it's necessary to make a IJ account whilst having GJ. So all in all, badly worded and what-not, I'm staying and will continue to be active on livejournal until a decision is come to and fandom moves, then and only then will I become active on whatever journaling site becomes home.
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Today's [ profile] hp_fridayfive.

Watch it here. )

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I woke up to like 20+ messages. :O I don't think I've ever gotten that many birthday wishes before. I love you guys. xD ♥
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In exactly one month from this very moment, I will have spent numerous hours at Books-A-Million milling around and goofing off with the other Houma Potter kids for the very last time. I will have my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and will be staying up all night until I get to that very last word of scar. God, one month. It seems impossible that it'll be here already.

In other news,

Happy Birthday,
my dear [ profile] spellingwitch!

I hope you have a wonderful day, darlin.
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I overslept this morning and ended up not going to class. D:

So, instead I woke up and have been editing pictures from Hailly's birthday party.

Warning: Messy baby ahead. :P

It's been a year already. )

I have a few more to add, just wanted to get this posted. Must run and shower; going meet mom at Cingular to hopefully get a new phone.

Edit: GODDAMNIT. Mom didn't call me to tell me that we can't go today now. Apparently she doesn't have the money like she thought she would. I was going to order it myself, but I can't now because they have a past due balance that is THREE DAYS late. SO. I swear that if I don't get a new phone next week when all this is done and settled, I'm going to fucking kill somebody.

Also! May be changing my plans from going to Brooks in Santa Barbara to ICP in (Manhattan) New York. More on that later. Ta!

Edit 2: Because Carina ([ profile] immaturity) asked, here is We Are Pilots by Shiny Toy Guns featuring the single Le Disko if anyone else wants to grab this up. :)

Note: Your mom. If sendspace is giving you problems and you're using Firefox, try the link in IE instead. That tends to work out. WTF Firefox?
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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!
and Jo Rowling!

This famous magical wizard is 26 today and his creator is 41.

I couldn't pass up using that picture. omgsosocute.


Jul. 6th, 2006 12:49 am
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I am no longer a teenager.

ZOMG. 20. :O


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