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The first part of my recap is here - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - if you missed it. (Lots of text with a few pictures to break up the monotony.)

Again, I am incredibly too detailed in these accounts so if you want to just skim it or jump to the pictures, go right ahead. I'll try to make this one more brief than the first. D:

Saturday, May 19, 2007
We ended up sleeping in because we were all worn out from the previous few days. So, we missed all the early programming even though there wasn't anything we really wanted to go see. I did want to see Shipping the Velvet: Slash Fandom, Convergence, and Why You Should Care About Harry Potter Mpreg but that last little word threw me off so so much. I really dislike Mpreg and I wasn't really into the idea of sitting through a panel and that be a huge part of a two hour discussion. Oh well, can't change that now. Instead, Chloe and I made it to the No Mary Sues in Slash: Gender Envy in Erotic Fanfiction, which I have to say I was not impressed with. The woman giving the lecture made herself look like a complete n00b and she obviously had not read a lot of slash fiction (or at least good slash). The fact that she kept using 'rape' for the entire lecture also did not sit well with me, unless of course I wasn't following what she was talking about. I don't see how every sexual situation in slash fanfiction is considered 'rape'. Whatever though. Most of the group from the lecture stayed afterwards and we had our very own discussion which was TONS more interesting than the lecture. I don't quite recall what was all talked about but it ranged from the previous lecture to Japanese influence in slash and culture, etc. I also found out there was an H/D Jeopardy game going on but Chloe and I already had plans to go watch Quidditch. Woe. Next con, we need a purely H/D meet-up from the beginning. For rls.

Read the rest under here. Yes, very long. )

I still miss everyone so very much. I'm so glad to have met so many wonderful people and just be around so many different personalities for that week. I honestly could not have asked for a better first time convention and I hope to continue to meet many more fans even after the Harry Potter series is over. I love you guys. :)

(I apologize for any heinous grammar errors or whatever, this is just too much to proofread and I suck.)

Now to decide: Terminus or Portus...? Decisions, decisions...

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After this post, I promise to get back into the swing of my 'normal' posts which includes photo, art, and real life posts. I lie.

I'll start off with pictures. I actually decided not to post all 67 here, but to link to my flickr slideshow of them. I'm not so sure if you need any software, but you can view the gallery if not.

Phoenix Rising Slideshow
Phoenix Rising Set

So, even though I started typing this entry about...six hours ago, I haven't finished it. I'll post it and do a follow up with text tomorrow (I just got caught up with cleaning today and haven't had the time to actually articulate my weekend into words). Enjoy the photographs.

I'll give a warning now. I tend to get quite detailed in my recounting of events/days, so if you don't want to read about every little thing that went on you can scan the entry and get the gist of it all. ^^;

Text account with a few pictures for fun. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Tuesday night I stayed up until about 5:00 am Wednesday morning getting my Redcaps, packing, and other random things finished only to wake up three hours later to shower, dress, finish packing some more and leave for New Orleans. Needless to say, the plans for leaving around 10:00 am were thrown out the window. I was running almost an hour behind schedule, so my mom went pick Chloe up from her house so I could finish getting ready. The good thing is I didn't forget anything that I needed except for the vodka which we would not even need in the end. We did have to run back to Chloe's house for her mask, though. Heheh.

My mom's Explorer was packed to the roof with Chloe and my's things. The ride to New Orleans was rather uneventful but it did start raining as we crossed I-10 over the Superdome. Oh joy. (And funny thing is, Amy [ profile] amylee1178 called to say they were just leaving for the hotel when Chloe and I should have already been there by that time. Oops.) Winding our way through the streets and coming up on the Sheraton made our excitement hit the roof. As our first convention, we were looking forward to the myriad of things offered and our expectations were incredibly high, but mostly we wanted to meet all of the amazing people and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. We got to the Sheraton and requested a bell cart. The things we packed filled (and nearly overflowed) the cart. We were incredibly gracious of the bell hop's help otherwise I don't think we would have managed to get all of our things into the hotel. Check-in went without a hitch* and Amy rang me right after so we waited in the lobby for a bit to meet her. Hugs went all around and at that time I met [ profile] kaneunwrapped and [ profile] bewarethesmirk -- who are both incredibly awesome girls (next con we so have to hang out, k). The bell hop came 'round and was waiting for us so we said farewell for the time and went up to our room, threw our things about, and headed downstairs for the volunteer training.

( * Story to come a little later. )

Read the rest of my account here because it will probably get very very long. )

That's all for Wednesday - Friday.

Link to Saturday - Monday. :)
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So, it seems that since arriving home from Phoenix Rising I have had absolutely no time to get anything done. I promise to post all 67 (yes, that's all the photos I took) of my photographs here for you all to see. But all of that will be in due time.

For those new friends and future friends, if you see that I've added you to my friends list rest assured that I am not some crazy stalker (though I can be convinced otherwise). It is most probably that I met or saw you in passing at Phoenix Rising and would like to get to know you or keep in touch. If I did not introduce myself to you in New Orleans, I shall here.

I am Cena or Ashleigh and I was a Slytherin / Bellereve at the conference. I spoke with quite a few lovely folks who I did not (stupidly enough) exchange names with or hand out the cards I had for the occassion. I was not terribly social while in New Orleans and I seem to be kicking myself for it. There were so many lovely people I would have loved to speak with but just could not bring myself to do so.

Anyway, I shall stop with this nonsensical rambling and post a few teaser images:
Only a few, can't spoil all the fun now. )

And that's all you get for now. I'll try to post the entire set tomorrow.

I now have to run to go pirate shopping. :D Tonight is going to be very amusing. I'll be sure to take some pictures this time.

Ta. ♥

So long.

May. 16th, 2007 09:58 am
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Bye ya'll!

Leaving for Phoenix Rising in a few minutes (I'm already running late!).

Be back sometime Monday. If you need me, I have my cell! :D

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Final critique for ceramics was yesterday. Jeff was really impressed with my work through the semester and said I should definitely take more classes. I have to bring my work back to school over the summer or wait until fall because he wants to take pictures of them. He said I have good ideas. I made an A so that makes me happy. :D

Unfortunately (at least imo) some of my glazing didn't come out the way I had hoped -- as is the case with metals and heat infused chemical reactions -- and my casserole cracked in the kiln. D: But some pieces came out better than I expected, so it was a little bit of both in that regard.

Anyway, here's the loot. :) )

Overall I'm pretty proud of my work from the semester. I wish I would have had time to make a few extra pieces. I'm considering taking another ceramics class in the Spring of 2008 if I'm still at Nicholls. I'm just scared of taking a huge leap that I'm not mentally ready for.

The plates and casserole (as soon as I break it D: and glue it back together) are for mom. I am also reluctantly parting with my angular bottle and giving that to her as a Mother's Day gift. I have to wait to see what I'm going to do with my other bottle and teapot. I'm hoping to sell them but I won't be able too until I get them to Jeff to take pictures.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT PR. ONLY SIX MORE DAYS!!!!ALJGL;AJG But I have a fuckton of stuff to do still and my dress is giving me issuesa;lgj;ajhah. I'll get it all done. Yes, I shall! Ta. ♥
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I'm not kidding.


And now for the picspam. :DDD

Owl Post arrived 10 April 2007 )

Okay, I had way too much fun with this. Wheeeee.


Post #99

Feb. 8th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Just two, nothing special.

Leaves & Gerbil. )

I ended up not getting that jacket or shirt I linked to in my last post. The jacket was too light/seafoam green for my liking and I couldn't find the cami. So instead I got a different jacket that looks similar and a brown knit sleeveless cardigan top - link to outfit (I am in desperate need of a haircut. D:). AND I bought some cute ass white-grey/black striped socks that go over the knee. I need to get some brown flats and get my pants hemmed. Maybe I can do that next week.

I also bought a new camera bag today - the 4 Million Dollar Home Crumpler in black. It's normally about $58 and I got it for $39.39 at the City with John ([ profile] heyu1021)'s discount. I needed something smaller and that didn't look like a camera bag especially for walking around and it not being completely obvious I have a camera on me.

I set out to BAM today to go pre-order my copy of Deathly Hallows and the bastards didn't have the vouchers yet. Pls to not be advertising the pre-ordering of the book if you don't have the vouchers, thnx. They said they'd probably have them tomorrow. Ugh.

I also need to get on the ball of ordering some of the other things I'm going to need for PR. I need to order my robes before March 16 (according to her turn-around) and I need to get ordering some more costume/uniform stuff. I found a website that has a style of skirt that'll work really well for the uniform. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'm going to get new shoes or if I'm just going to try to find some padding or sole things to put in the ones that I already have. I dunno. I need to quit spending so much money that I don't need to, though. Gah.

I FIXED IT! ) I also added all of the colour section lines that I need for it. The only thing left is to make it bigger and to add the 'floating' elements. Bleh.

And that's all.

Show me some love. :) ♥ My Valentinr - photonerd


It's been a pretty rollercoaster day. Anna Nicole died suddenly this afternoon and I found out that a girl I grew up with and graduated with died Tuesday night in a car crash. Her last act was to get out of the car to check on her one year old son and she collapsed and died from internal bleeding afterwards.

Natasha Thibodeaux

I never thought that I would have to say rest in peace to a friend so young. It's unbelievable.
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Don't ask.

A picture of Hailly that I printed a couple weeks ago.
(You'll see what I mean by my scanner is fogged.)

Click for a baby. )

Phoenix Rising calculated expenses. )

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