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Aug. 19th, 2008 06:39 pm
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The last batch of pictures from the Staind concert. Enjoy.

Let's go down to the rock show. (11 pictures - 900x600) )

Comments and crit is appreciated. :)

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Aug. 17th, 2008 07:42 pm
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Like I said in my last post, the Staind concert was amazing. We got to the Lakefront Arena late because my mom couldn't get off work early so we didn't get to the arena until 7:20 or so. We walked in to none other than Sick Puppies playing. D: I was so pissed that I missed them and that I didn't even know they were playing. What is that? They weren't on the call list. ;jas;gja;gh

Theory of a Deadman came on afterwards and put on a good set. They played some songs from their new album and everything was really cool. Then Hinder came on and man that guy is crazy on stage. He's very interactive with the crowd, moving back and forth across the stage, letting the crowd sing parts of the songs, etc. Overall a very good show.

Then Staind came on and it as just lajsg;ag awesome. I wish I could remember everything they played, but they played Outside, Right Here, Price to Play (opening song), Mudshovel, Believe, It's Been Awhile, Schizophrenic Conversations, Falling Down, and a cover of Turn the Page.

I got my album in the mail yesterday and it is lasjg;asgj awesome. The t-shirt that came with it has an awesome design and I can't wait to log in for all the fan club goodies too. \m/

I took a ton of pictures but only edited 22 out of them. I'll only post a few here because I left them 900 x 600 when I edited them. I also put a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner because I'm paranoid like that. These aren't that fab, but I'm happy with how they came out considering how I was shooting. Lol.

So, onto 080815 Staind ft Hinder and Theory of a Deadman and Sick Puppies at the New Orleans Lakefront Arena.

Some pictures under here. )

I can't wait to do that again. ♥
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I can only hope that they broadcast this. Probably not though.

So many awesome performances! All 13 boys on stage which is .

A video and picspam behind the cut. xD

Oh, bb Kyu. )

The Staind concert last night was fucking alsj;gajs;glhjsa AMAZING. I knew every single song they played except one from their first album that I just didn't recognize. But holy shit that was the most amazing concert I've been to in ages. I brought my camera and took over 330 pictures. *facepalm* That's not including the ones that I deleted during the show. I'll be posting some of those later. I wasn't able to get too close but I think I managed some good shots out of it. Lol.
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Finally managed to just resize 37 out of the 200+ pictures I ended up with after deleting over 100 others. I can't edit anything right now because my PS is going crazy on me. Not loading all the menus and stuff. D: So here are some of the pictures I took from the 080712 show at the East Baton Rouge Library.

Potterstock 2008 )

Maybe one day I'll come back and formally edit these. Or maybe not. Eh. Please don't judge me from these crappy images. :(

Things I still need to buy/find before Terminus:
  • Dark brown fedora / gangster hat
  • Money tie
  • White button down shirt
  • Supplies for Tommy gun
  • Brown suede shoes
  • Black flat pointed shoes
  • Pocket watch
  • T-shirts
  • Stencil brushes
  • ACE bandage

I think that's all I need. :/

Two weeks until I leave for Chicago. It's insane! The computer is supposed to be here on the 24th. I need to make an eye doctor appointment and hope that I can get contacts in before I leave. And I need to call my stylist and make a hair appointment either this week or next week. I need a cut badly atm.

I'll be dedicating this week to crafting. Or really just making a couple of t-shirts. As soon as I can get my PS to stop acting like an ass, I can finish this template I want to make. I don't know what to add to that whole blank space though. :/ Sadly I don't see the S.L.U.T. shirts being made. Only 3/6 people responded and by the time anyone else does it'll be too late. It may just have to end up being a CafePress shirt not exactly to the style I wanted for them. It just completely slipped my mind. :/ I still want to try to get buttons made but I don't know how long that would take or if I'll just get a few from CafePress as well. I need to fix and upload the rest of the templates but I don't know if I'll be able to do that in time. ;ajs;gja;jg. So much to do and no time to do it.

Everything has just caught up with me at the worst time. I'll figure it out though. ♥
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This post is really just to make John [ profile] heyu1021 even more jealous. Hahaha.

I just had my mom's Sony Cybershot and my cellphone so the pictures aren't the greatest quality. It took me about 15 minutes of fiddling with it in Manual mode (note to self: p&s cameras are not meant to shoot in manual mode; why do they even have this function?) to get settings that would take pictures that wouldn't blow out the singers into white blobs. I succeeded of course, but then the camera kept tweaking itself anyway. Stupid thing.

If I would have known it was okay to bring cameras, I would have brought my dslr with me. But in fear of getting it taken away by security, I didn't. Well, they didn't do any sort of security checks. WTF? We had good seats which also helped with the picture taking. Because that's pretty much what I occupied myself with the whole time until her camera died. She didn't even think to recharge the battery. -___-;;

On to the pictures! )

I was surprised at how small the Lakeside Arena was. I think no matter where you sat you had good seats. Even the way ups. I've never been there before but I wouldn't mind going back to see something not country music else be held there.


Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ the New Orleans Arena [Buy Tickets]

I AM SO THERE. OMFG. birthday present what's up
I can't find any main floor tickets. SOB.

Okay, the bad weather is rolling in so I'll post this and hope that my internet doesn't go out on me tonight. Or the power. *crosses fingers*

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