Jul. 14th, 2009 05:50 pm
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So, for all my HP fandom friends, official word on the street is that Deathly Hallows will be made into two movies. It's been rumored for a while now but is finally confirmed.

I don't know what I would have done had they tried to squeeze everything into one; probably try to cut a bitch or something. Though I am curious to know how they're going to break it up and whether or not they're going to pull a POA and re-order the events of the book. :/
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July 20, 2007, starts off with me finally managing to get dressed around 3:30 pm and Clayton [livejournal.com profile] clay1124 arriving at my house, changing, gathering everything, then heading to the movie theatre to see Order of the Phoenix again (fourth time's a charm). There was barely anyone there and I managed to make the movie a lot pervier for him than he probably thought possible. (You can correct me if I'm wrong.) There was a lot of giggling and snorting and overall enjoyment.

By the time we got out it was 6:30-6:45pm and we headed off to go visit his mom at work. We got to see the book and pet it, but neither of us wanted to open it. Just touching it felt like a crime. :O It was nice though and the excitement just mounted tenfold. We still had plenty of time to do things and not knowing what we wanted to do for dinner, we made a stop at Old Navy so I could get a new purse/bag (by now I am very used to the staring while in costume ;P) then headed to Taco Bell (yeah, yeah, I know) to grab something to go.

(If you listened to my last (voice) post, you know all this already.) We made it to BAM around 7:30 pm where we sat and ate and met [livejournal.com profile] gryffwitch37 and her son. I chatted to them for a bit then Chloe and her sister arrived (and some friends) and we went off around the store and chatted with a few people as I handed out a bit of Terminus stuff. The 16 and olders got to be Slytherin House, so when it came time to start the activities we were already situated in the back by our house sign.

I was a lot more expectant for the store to put one different activities since it was the last Potter party but they just pulled out the little kiddie stuff from the years previous and really none of us were all that impressed. We met [livejournal.com profile] freakyartychick and her friend Jake who were dressed as Molly and young!Severus and just continued to chat with a few random people. Chloe, Ariel, and I were asked several times to pose for pictures so that was pretty fun. :D After we got bored sitting around while they were doing the activities, a few of us headed off to get Butterbeers from the coffee shop. It was actually pretty good but in larger quantities was wayyy too sweet. I was just surprised they even had a HP themed drink. I had spotted some old school teachers of ours and Clayton started chatting them up and I joined them after I got my drink. Not long after, the power went out. There was a lot of unhappiness going on at that point. The weather we've been having is probably the main cause for it. But after a while it became uncomfortably hot and after about an hour of no A/C and darkness, Clayton and I went outside. Not one minute later did the power finally come back on. *sigh*

They continued some of the activities during the outage so we missed the trvia, costume contest, and who knows what else. We were all getting restless and by the time we managed to go sit down in an aisle for a few minutes was it time to start lining up for the book. That was just pandemonium. It was really very unorganized and it was quite upsetting for me that the night had gone on the way it did. I wasn't expecting the end, the very last event like this to turn out as it did. I got my book rather quickly though (even though the organization of this was less than desired), yelled a goodbye to Chloe who was being interviewed by our local TV station, and ran to the car with Clayton.

I read from the time I got home to about 11:30 am the next day, stopped to take an hour and a half nap, then continued reading until 6:30 pm that evening. I don't read nearly as fast as I used to but I consider that a huge accomplishment. I cried throughout the book, but was bawling towards the end and at every little happy / sad moment thereafter.

And now, the few pictures I managed to take at Books-A-Million.

Pictures. )

Yes, you can still look at the pictures and not be spoiled. Just don't look at anything else and don't scroll down (you won't be able to comment either most probably). :D

Now, don't expect any great in depth analysis from me. That's not how I work. ;D


Spoilers under here. )

Now, to re-read it again. Slowly this time. I may even go purchase the audiobook and attempt to find a CD player. :/

WTF IS WRONG WITH LIVEJOURNAL? I keep getting signed out even though I tick the "Remember me" option. I swear. lja;gja;jajh;ajh;ja;lhjal
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I am a sodding, soppy mess.

I don't think I've ever cried as much or as hard as I did with this book.

I have no words. It's over.

(Please no spoilers in this post. Once I gather myself, I'll post another entry with thoughts and you can comment with spoilers there.)
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This little bit is spurred from a short discussion with Courtney [livejournal.com profile] torn_portfolio last night. She mentioned the idea of having a rendezvous? at Terminus. So, after a little poking and a LOT of giggling came up with S.L.U.T aka "Sirius Lvrs United [at] Terminus". It HAD to be done; you cannot deny it. The phrase can also be changed around to fit anyone's needs. (I just can't think of anything other than "United in Trust" or "Unite Tomorrow!" Lame lame.)

Anyway, on to the picture. )

Hope you enjoy. :D ♥

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Jun. 24th, 2007 03:19 pm
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Firstly, is there anyone here going to Sectus (I know [livejournal.com profile] bewarethesmirk is.) and would be willing to order this shirt for me? It's for attendees only but omg I want want want. :( I'll paypal the cost to you or write a check or something. Please? *wibbles*

Anyway, I have a couple more pictures from the Lafayette trip Thursday. The last three are a bit repetitive but I can't choose a favourite. :/

Five images. )

Comments and concrit welcome as always.

Info: If you ever see anything I post that you'd like as a print, I do sell prints. Information can be found here. I need to update that post with some of the more recent stuff I've posted.

HP Related: [livejournal.com profile] hp_la is discussing a meet-up for the Saturday after OotP comes out. More details here. Also if you live in Louisiana and you haven't already, join the community. For those of you who have a myspace and/or have HP friends on myspace that live in Louisiana please join the HP Louisiana group there - http://groups.myspace.com/lahpfans . The Remus Lupins are playing July 7 at the New Orleans Public Libary and we'd love to get a group together - info here and [livejournal.com profile] snape_on_plane is looking for a t00b meet-up next Sunday - here. *breathes*

I think that's all I have. RL picture post coming later as well as a meme. :) ♥

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Jun. 22nd, 2007 04:04 pm
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So, yesterday I went with Robert [livejournal.com profile] boberto518 and John [livejournal.com profile] heyu1021 to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette so Robert could take care of some school stuff before he moves off to Long Beach. :( It was a fun day and I managed to get a few decent shots while we were out there.

Just two for today. The first one is resized larger than what I normally post but it shouldn't be too bad on anyone's connection.

UL Alumni Center )

Comments and concrit welcome as always.

I have a handful of other images that I may end up posting tomorrow. It all depends on how I feel about them at that time. I may also post the pictures from the Family Day we had last Saturday at my mom's house. That'll all be included in a RL post if I do.

I posted this at [livejournal.com profile] hp_la, but for those Louisiana Harry Potter fans that are on lj and myspace, go join the group I made - http://groups.myspace.com/lahpfans
I also did my [livejournal.com profile] hp_fridayfive if you missed it - here.

That's all for now. Ta, lovelies. ♥
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In exactly one month from this very moment, I will have spent numerous hours at Books-A-Million milling around and goofing off with the other Houma Potter kids for the very last time. I will have my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and will be staying up all night until I get to that very last word of scar. God, one month. It seems impossible that it'll be here already.

In other news,

Happy Birthday,
my dear [livejournal.com profile] spellingwitch!

I hope you have a wonderful day, darlin.
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I'm not kidding.


And now for the picspam. :DDD

Owl Post arrived 10 April 2007 )

Okay, I had way too much fun with this. Wheeeee.


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Feb. 8th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Just two, nothing special.

Leaves & Gerbil. )

I ended up not getting that jacket or shirt I linked to in my last post. The jacket was too light/seafoam green for my liking and I couldn't find the cami. So instead I got a different jacket that looks similar and a brown knit sleeveless cardigan top - link to outfit (I am in desperate need of a haircut. D:). AND I bought some cute ass white-grey/black striped socks that go over the knee. I need to get some brown flats and get my pants hemmed. Maybe I can do that next week.

I also bought a new camera bag today - the 4 Million Dollar Home Crumpler in black. It's normally about $58 and I got it for $39.39 at the City with John ([livejournal.com profile] heyu1021)'s discount. I needed something smaller and that didn't look like a camera bag especially for walking around and it not being completely obvious I have a camera on me.

I set out to BAM today to go pre-order my copy of Deathly Hallows and the bastards didn't have the vouchers yet. Pls to not be advertising the pre-ordering of the book if you don't have the vouchers, thnx. They said they'd probably have them tomorrow. Ugh.

I also need to get on the ball of ordering some of the other things I'm going to need for PR. I need to order my robes before March 16 (according to her turn-around) and I need to get ordering some more costume/uniform stuff. I found a website that has a style of skirt that'll work really well for the uniform. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'm going to get new shoes or if I'm just going to try to find some padding or sole things to put in the ones that I already have. I dunno. I need to quit spending so much money that I don't need to, though. Gah.

I FIXED IT! ) I also added all of the colour section lines that I need for it. The only thing left is to make it bigger and to add the 'floating' elements. Bleh.

And that's all.

Show me some love. :) ♥ My Valentinr - photonerd


It's been a pretty rollercoaster day. Anna Nicole died suddenly this afternoon and I found out that a girl I grew up with and graduated with died Tuesday night in a car crash. Her last act was to get out of the car to check on her one year old son and she collapsed and died from internal bleeding afterwards.

Natasha Thibodeaux

I never thought that I would have to say rest in peace to a friend so young. It's unbelievable.


Feb. 1st, 2007 08:20 am
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JULY 21, 2007

Link - JKRowling.com updated to say that Deathly Hallows will be released then!! OMGYAYAYAY.

Whoa. It's also going to be almost twice as expensive. $34.99! :O

I can't wait!

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