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I'm starting this rather early, I know but it will give me an entire month or so to get everything ready and sent out. I know the world is full of diversity and different religions that do not celebrate Christmas so I try my best to send out relatively generic Happy Holiday sort of cards. But to add a personal touch I always include a photo that I've taken.

If you don't celebrate any specific holiday, please let me know! I'll still send you a card (I have plenty of pretty non holiday cards lying around) and I'd still love to send them to you guys. ♥

I'm giving your choice of photo this time around. You can ask for something I've posted before, a picture of Sunny, or a prompt of your own. My only rules are no pictures of me, I can't do snow or anything "scenic" since I live in south Louisiana and there isn't anything very nice to look at around here. I cannot guarantee the artsy-ness of a prompt you give me though so just a warning. Lol. And if anything I may ask for a different prompt from you just to guarantee I can do it. ><

Just fill out the poll! Answers are only viewable to me but if you still don't feel comfortable leaving your address in the poll, you can post it in a comment (all comments are screened!), or you can email me at photo.graphic.nerd at gmail dot com, but please let me know who you are.^^

Also, if you want a photo that I've posted already please leave which one (a link to the post is fine) in the comments. All prints will be standard 4x6 colour prints. If a photo you want is square shaped or something I'll print it personally and the size will vary (everything has to fit into the envelope. Lol.)

Since I barely have time to take the photos for the handful of you guys that requested, can you please either choose a picture of Sunny or something I've posted before (non-polaroids since my scans suck to print) - this tag # is all my photo posts. I'd really appreciate it. ♥

[Poll #1477559]

I'll close the poll some time in December. International bbs will be sent out first to guarantee delivery and I will send them airmail this year unlike previous years where it took months to receive. OTL.



Oct. 13th, 2009 07:40 pm
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Okay! So every year I send out holiday cards and include a photograph of some sort, whether it's one I take or some that I've printed off and you have the option to choose.

I'm not sure what to do this year. I would love to be able to take a polaroid for everyone but that is not possible. T_T What would you guys like to see from me? Would you like a prompt to give me and I take the photo (realistic prompts of course) or would you rather I give you options to choose from? (I have no idea of what though. I have no darkroom access sadly.)

Ideas! Thoughts? Opinions. All are greatly appreciated. :D
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So like every year I like to send out holiday cards regardless of what you celebrate or your religion (or lack there of) may be. Just fill out the poll and you'll get a card from me before the holidays. :D Yes, even you international friends.

I don't have any specific thing to send out this year like I did last year, but I do still have a few prints left over from last year since I made extras (included below the poll). OR if you would like a print of anything I've posted on my livejournal or at my DeviantArt, then you can let me know and I'll get it printed (or if it's square then I'll print it myself) and send it out with your card. Polaroids may be the only exception since I don't have a good HQ scan of any of them unfortunately.

I wish I had time to take requests and do something like that but unfortunately it's too late for that. :/

Anyway, here's the poll. )

If I've forgotten anything I'll come back and add it in. :D
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That's if you missed it. It seems everyone is starting to post theirs at the moment and so I figured I would not let you all forget that I have one going on too. :) I'm closing it on November 25 so I have enough time to finish up and get everything sent out for my international bebes. And because I'll only have access to the darkroom until the second week of December and I'll be crying over my final project. :PPP If you'd still like a card after that point you can still give me your address, I just won't be able to include a print with it.

If you don't celebrate Christmas let me know so I can send a card that doesn't have some kind of Christmas message in it. :/ I thought I had gotten pure holiday cards but it seems I was mistaken. -_-;; They're cute regardless. Heh.

If I've missed your post for cards, let me know and I'll go fill it out, send an email, etc.

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