Oct. 6th, 2009 02:46 pm
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Life with a parrot.

Bigger pic + 2 videos. )


Though I still love him. ♥
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Warning: pretty image heavy.

Pictures and a very short video. )

I have some infrared shots I took because I was seriously bored, but I'll post those another day. ♥
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I can only hope that they broadcast this. Probably not though.

So many awesome performances! All 13 boys on stage which is .

A video and picspam behind the cut. xD

Oh, bb Kyu. )

The Staind concert last night was fucking alsj;gajs;glhjsa AMAZING. I knew every single song they played except one from their first album that I just didn't recognize. But holy shit that was the most amazing concert I've been to in ages. I brought my camera and took over 330 pictures. *facepalm* That's not including the ones that I deleted during the show. I'll be posting some of those later. I wasn't able to get too close but I think I managed some good shots out of it. Lol.
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So I got back home last night around 10:00pm or so. I spent the next 3 hours checking 20+ pages of soompi and my friends list. After skip=840 I kind of gave up, so if I managed to miss something just link me here and I'll go read / comment.

Sunny seemed rather happy to see me again, he has yet to bite the piss out of me so I shall deem it safe to say that he forgives me for leaving him for a week.

OMG I missed you guys so much. And 한나씨, 보고 싶을거야. ♥

And on to the con report. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wish I had, but I still have some of the city and a couple of videos of an event I went to (cell phone = crap quality). There will be lots of pictures that don't belong to me, so just be warned you may see these over again. Read it all here; it's rather long and incredibly picture heavy. )

Second part can be found here.
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Typo'd. It's supposed to be the 11th. D:

Farewell video. )

I went hang out at John's house for a little while today. I played with their new puppy Mea. She is seriously adorable. )

So I'll be back on the 11th or so, depending on how wiped out I am afterwards. Please keep me up to date with SuJu stuff! You can text me through my profile, here (locked), or I'll be on MSN on my phone on occasion.

ETA: Hmmm, I hope the weather holds out on us. Tropical depression may mean delayed flights. D:

Btw, happy birthdays to [ profile] theambertrap, [ profile] boberto518, and [ profile] immaturity! ♥
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Sunny Dances to Epik High's The Future )

I love my parrot.

I plan on making a retarded fangirl post later; be prepared. D:

*goes back to packing*
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080728 ShimShimTaPa Radio - So Hot ft. Heechul )

The kpophatememe, just...;jas;gja. Please. There's a lot of things that I want to say but I won't because the last thing I want to do is cause more wank.

I just want to enjoy the crack that is Super Junior. Is that so hard to ask?

Oh my god.

Jul. 17th, 2008 12:33 am
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This is love, even if the quality is absolutely horrible.

Kyuhyun singing 不让我的眼泪陪我过夜 (Audio) )

Off to bed now. ♥
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A video and three pictures. :O

Under here. )

Sorry about earlier. I'm just in one of those moods. :/

Err, I'll also be continuing my Clark Creek post this weekend. I just got distracted by the shiny again.

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I'm a bit pissed and upset at the moment. I submitted three of my prints to the student show that they have each spring and NOT ONE of them got in. I mean, what does that tell me? I am obviously not doing something right. It's just depressing. *sigh*

Anyway, time for some phone pictures and random stuff that I've been meaning to post.

A new walk-through of the house. Eight videos this time. )

Random phone pictures. You can skip all this if you want. )

I also managed to take some pictures of my Harry Potter collection, since I have it all displayed on my shelves. can skip this as well. Don't tell me how sad and lame this is, I know. D: I haven't gotten anything new in a while besides the last book and the stuff I got from the release party at BAM. I just don't see too much stuff out nowadays. *shrug*

Pictures and details. )

And a cute picture of Sunny to end it all. :)

Now I must be off. I have a math test that I desperately need to study for. Ta. ♥

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