Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:47 am
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Happy Birthday to my one and only niche, Hailly Lynn!
She makes two years old today. Awww.

Have some pictures from her birthday party this past weekend. )

I have to go meet my sister to go try on bridal gowns. Do not want. I have to go shower and like...shave my legs first though. :/

Please check out my previous post if you haven't done so already. It's very large and I would rather it not go unseen. :/

And that's all I have for now.

Ta. ♥
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A video and three pictures. :O

Under here. )

Sorry about earlier. I'm just in one of those moods. :/

Err, I'll also be continuing my Clark Creek post this weekend. I just got distracted by the shiny again.


Jan. 7th, 2008 09:57 pm
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I got my photobook in today! I was so so happy to finally see the arrival of that package. Bwhaha.

Suju Photo Diary picspam and squee under here. )

In other RL news, I am in the process of editing the ~200 pictures I took yesterday. John, Ben, and I went to St Francisville to visit the Myrtles (and a few other places) and then to Woodville, MS to go hiking at Clark Creek. Well, my reasoning was to take pictures. Haha. It was so so beautiful up there. Really, the hills, the waterfalls, the creeks, woods, birds, the peace -- Merlin, just everything. I'll be doing that photo post tomorrow. Just the next time we go, we need to dress properly and prepare ourselves for some real hiking. We definitely weren't quite expecting the trek but we didn't have any problems.

Err, I think I'm going to need a new external hard drive soon. :/ Either that or a new computer. My 320GB drive is filling up very fast and I only have like 105GB left on it. Which is still a lot for now. But once I start scanning more film and such from school I'm not going to have any room left. Not to mention the amount of pictures, music, and video that is accumulating at an alarming rate. Meh.

I also got Sunny's harness in last week. I need to read up about how to go about introducing him to it and all that fun stuff so we can go play outside in the nice weather. :D I'm actually going to try to go about doing this the right way instead of putting it on him whether he likes it or not. D:

Ah well, off I go to finish editing pictures. Ta. ♥
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Err, we had a bit of an accident last night. Dx

I feel horrible about it too. I had Sunny with me when I went to the kitchen to get some water. Well the phone rang and it was my mom's fiancé. She had gone outside to get the garbage can so I held Sunny in my death grip and went to hand her the phone. Well, the garbage can freaked him out and in his panic he twisted and ended up loosing 8 of his tail feathers. I wasn't about to let him go and risk loosing him forever. I know it was stupid on my part but it was just something that I had done without really thinking about it. He's fine otherwise and didn't hold any grudges against me afterwards. But god, I feel like an idiot for doing that and for him possibly getting loose and hurt in the process. Thankfully it was just some feathers and not anything worse. :/

His toe has been like that for years now. He lost it when getting tangled in a stringy rope perch.

See the rest of the damage under here. )

I really need to invest in a harness that he'll wear comfortably. I have the Feather Tether and it just weighs him down and he hates it so much. He sits like a brick when I put it on him. :/

I feel like such a horrible bird mom. :(
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So that update is going to have to wait. I am just too tired and it's too late for me to even start typing up a post. Expect it tomorrow at some point of the day.

For now have my cover. :DDDD

And the Halloween present I bought myself. )

Make sure you check out my last post for a gorgeous Remus/Tonks art rec.

And don't forget about my holiday card poll - link; I'm leaving it open until November 25. :D ♥
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Okay, so I don't have any good scans to offer but for those that wish for a card from me this holiday season you can choose from these images I posted a while back and the few new ones behind the cut. :)

Also since I know everyone doesn't celebrate the same holidays, if you wish to leave a comment specifically asking for a non-Christmas card that would be great. One type of card I have is Christmas oriented (though I didn't realize it at the time) and the other is a generic 'Tis the Season/Have a nice holiday type card. So, if you'd like to specify which you would rather that is completely fine.

UPDATED with new scans (though they are a bit dusty).

Pick your pictures. :D )

The photos will be a 4x4 silver gelatin print on Ilford Multigrade RC paper which the paper itself will be 5x5 (or as straight as I can cut them after they're done after I've butchered them in the darkroom *G*). Your photo can be printed with or without the black border.

(Note, the print quality vs. the scan quality is significantly different and the print quality is tons nicer (and less dusty). I hope you trust my judgement enough.)

* I eliminated a few options due to my insanity plus I didn't have any new scans to share, so ignore those numbers in the poll, please. :D *

Poll. )

All comments are screened so if you would rather leave your information there, that'd be lovely. Just make sure you leave me your name, address, zip, etc as well as the number of the photo you would like included in your card (corresponding numbers are above the photos), I will take all that down and prepare your cards.

International bebes are going to be done first so this time around everyone can at least get their cards in December and not way after the New Year. :P

I'll be pimping this out in case you miss it the first time around. :D


Aug. 9th, 2007 12:17 pm
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If you don't mind sparing a minute of your time, please do me the honor of filling out the poll. :)

I'm curious to see what appeals to everyone -- as in what types of photographs would you pay for to have* hanging and/or framed in your house / living space. Now, this doesn't mean that I'm going to start shooting what's most popular. :P I'm genuinely curious.

What types of photographs appeal to you? )

Yes, I shamelessly gacked most of that from DeviantART's listing. x3 I'll have some examples of photograph 'looks' up in a few minutes. I have to search for them first.

Thanks, lovelies. ♥
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Today the Remus Lupins played at the New Orleans Public Library. I drove out to Metairie to meet up with Elise and Courtney and then the three of us headed to the library (with soccer mom!Elise driving). xD

I am insanely tired so I won't bore you all with the details or anything. We had a great time though. Here are 10 pictures from the show.

Wrock out with your... )

Now all I want to do is go to bed. My dad is making me get up and be ready for 10:30 so we can do birthday stuff tomorrow. I am so not in the mood for it unless he's bringing me car shopping, but dealers aren't open on Sundays most of the time. Ah well. Good-night kids. ♥
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Thanks to everyone who commented on my last entry. The realization just hit me like a brick and I wasn't ready for it; I'm an incredibly emotional person but generally don't show it because I keep it inside and once it builds up to a point, it explodes.

Posting pictures from the photo meme. If you want to comment you still can and I'll do another round.

See 'em here. )

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I realized that I do not post enough pictures of my baby. So, I bring a small picspam. :D

I honestly don't know how healthy it is to love him as much as I do.

Sunny enjoyed some time in the windowsill, looking pretty and sweet as always.

Bigger plus 3 more. )

I'll probably make another post soon. I need to post a sticky and poll for filters and stuff. As well as any random real life stuff happening. ♥
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So, it seems that since arriving home from Phoenix Rising I have had absolutely no time to get anything done. I promise to post all 67 (yes, that's all the photos I took) of my photographs here for you all to see. But all of that will be in due time.

For those new friends and future friends, if you see that I've added you to my friends list rest assured that I am not some crazy stalker (though I can be convinced otherwise). It is most probably that I met or saw you in passing at Phoenix Rising and would like to get to know you or keep in touch. If I did not introduce myself to you in New Orleans, I shall here.

I am Cena or Ashleigh and I was a Slytherin / Bellereve at the conference. I spoke with quite a few lovely folks who I did not (stupidly enough) exchange names with or hand out the cards I had for the occassion. I was not terribly social while in New Orleans and I seem to be kicking myself for it. There were so many lovely people I would have loved to speak with but just could not bring myself to do so.

Anyway, I shall stop with this nonsensical rambling and post a few teaser images:
Only a few, can't spoil all the fun now. )

And that's all you get for now. I'll try to post the entire set tomorrow.

I now have to run to go pirate shopping. :D Tonight is going to be very amusing. I'll be sure to take some pictures this time.

Ta. ♥

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