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Jul. 25th, 2010 12:55 pm
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Falling Up

I feel like I'm falling. )

Sonar One-Step / SX-70
600 film

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Who would have thunk it?

Clayton sent this to me from Baton Rouge.


It might snow in Houma a little later from now.

No snow in Houma. It rained with a bit of frozen stuff but no white stuff.
I am very displeased with this developement. My hopes all up then dashed. :/

I'll be sure to update this if it does snow here. I have to go get ready for work now. D:

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Dec. 10th, 2008 01:08 pm
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These aren't edited properly because I just cannot be arsed to do it. D:

26 pictures from the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. )

Did anyone else ever read the Angus, Thongs, etc series? THEY MADE A MOVIE. OMG. I love it so much even if it is so teen drama-y and ridiculous. *is 12* It makes me miss London so bad. I truly fell in love with that city in 2004. *sigh* I want to go backkk. Also the gorgey English boys and accents and just lajg;lsjah;jah!

Finishing up Holiday cards today and will hopefully have them mailed by...Friday. They'll probably be late to everyone overseas. :(

I need to revamp my journal tags so badly. I have over 400 of them and 90% of those are only used like once. WTF. :/ Whether or not I actually end up doing that. I still don't know.

Almost had a dress for mom's wedding. She had a gorgeous strapless dress from Black&White that she never wore, but alas because of my ABNORMALLY LARGE RIBS I can't wear it. Is there some sort of rib removal surgery out there? I would gladly take it. Despite being ... not thin, I have a really small waist but it is stupidly offset by my GINORMOUS ribs. I'll take a picture one day. It's so off-putting. Ugh.

It might snow tonight. Well technically snow mixed with rain. I'll be sleeping but this idea excites me more than anyone around here. Hahah. It's going to be in the 40s tomorrow! Oh finally the cold weather is coming again. Love love.

Anyway, off to make lunch. ♥
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Uh, has anyone else noticed the titles to their entries now being links?

Also, new glasses!

Bigger. )

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Today was spend money day! $45 on contacts and solution, $22 on new headphones because the wires were starting to show on the ones I have D: (the ones I bought were actually supposed to be $30 but the sign they had up for the ones I wanted said they were $19.99; false advertising sods), $4 on coffee for my 2 hour wait between eye appointment and oil change, $18 for oil change.

Next on my agenda is to order Sunny some food. And figure out Christmas presents if at all. :/ This holiday traffic makes me want to crawl in a ball and not go anywhere at all. If only that were possible.

Now I'm home and get to align and print 140 address labels for my mom's wedding invitations. Oh the joy.

Tomorrow I am not doing anything for the better part of the day. yeah right

Here, have a Sunny from a few days weeks ago.

Bigger. )

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Happy Halloween!!

Here's a few polaroids I took of our decorations. Lol.

Boo. )

I think I'm dressing up like a wench tonight seeing as I don't really have much to choose from. D: I'm making my mom dress up like a witch (since she bought all kinds of stuff for the costume but keeps making excuses to not dress up). We're just staying home and giving out candy. Party at my house, what. ㅋㅋㅋ

[ profile] trolleys, 고마워.^^

Some other random RL things going on. I got the job at the tanning salon today! I went in for an "interview" and the owner said she'd give me a try. Haha. I have to go in tomorrow at 9:30am for training and then I'll start Monday 4-8pm. Also, my mom and her fiancé have set a date for their wedding on December 27. Yes of this year. Yes, in less than two months. D: Crazy people they are.

Anyway, I need to go ... start getting ready so I can get my mom to lace me up when she gets home. Lmao.
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What is this weather? It's fabulous. Sun shining, wind blowing, and a nice cool 66°F. Ah, I shall enjoy it while it lasts. I wish it was like this yesterday!

So yesterday, John, Ben, and I went to Hammond in search of a nice scenic environment to enjoy nature and yadda yadda. We ended up at Tickfaw State Park. The Nature Center is really nice, I will give it that and there are like 4 or so trails to choose from. Swamp, Hardwood, River, and something else that I can't remember. We accidentally passed up one of them, so we ended up at the Hardwood trail. It was .7 miles of a trail through the woods. The most nature we encountered were a few butterflies, some fungus, MOSQUITOES, and two giant grasshoppers (that I wanted to smush). It was hot unlike we thought it would be and just rather boring to be honest. Lol.

It's definitely nothing compared to Clark Creek (dial-up users beware), that's for sure. I wouldn't mind going back and going on the River trail when it's a bit cooler, so I don't get eaten by mosquitoes.

But I still took pictures, of course! )

That's all I have. I need to go wash clothes and shower. ♥

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Oct. 9th, 2008 01:53 pm
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I've been meaning to post this for a week now. :/

Three in one. )

In other news...


My Super Show DVD came in the mail today! I went check the mail in anticipation but it hadn't passed yet and I tell you not two minutes later I looked out the window and saw them coming down the street. = =;; So I ran walked hurriedly to the mailbox to get it and yayayay! I haven't watched it yet since I'm putting bells together for the wedding, but jaljsg;ajg.

The spray tan went well. I couldn't get wet or sweat for 6-8 hours afterwards, which was difficult with the rehearsal dinner last night so I had to go looking a bit shabby. (Though I was still dressed better than some people...) And it's a lot more noticeable today than it was yesterday. Went to the doctor yesterday as well and got two shots, antibiotics, decongestants, and nose spray. I have acute sinusitis and seasonal allergies. It needs to go away, but I feel better already. I think I got a penicillin shot because my right hip is still sore but the other one isn't. Sob.

Also, ♥♥♥ to my flist. Honestly. You guys mean so much to me. Thank you.
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This is from Monday.

Pictures behind here. )

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Stolen from a couple of people on my flist...

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.

Taken with my cell phone. Is that cheating?

Here, have a puppy in a basket. )
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Warning: pretty image heavy.

Pictures and a very short video. )

I have some infrared shots I took because I was seriously bored, but I'll post those another day. ♥
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Sorry for spamming you guys about this.

According to the news, we won't be able to go back until Friday noon at the earliest. And that is only tentative information. It's expected that power will be out for up to 3 weeks. We do have a back up generator, the only thing that won't run is the A/C and of course I'll be sans internet.

Two random cellphone pictures and stuff I stole off websites. )

I'm so damn bored. The internet wasn't working for me earlier and we haven't gone to do anything and it's just been so boring. I'd like to at least go do something around here but no one wants to go. I did see an awesome cemetery that I'd like to go visit and I saw a Books-A-Million that I could go to, but we may end up leaving tomorrow and trying to find a hotel closer. Though I've looked and not been able to find anything from here to Louisiana. It sucks. So we may end up being stuck.

Anyway, I may come back and edit this. I have to go shower because we're going eat out somewhere. ♥
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Columbus, Georgia here I come. :D

We're leaving either really late tomorrow evening or early Sunday morning. We have a room booked from the 31st to the 3rd. The suck is that there's going to be a lot of people in one small hotel room. And snoring. And it's a smoking room (because my mom made me wait too late and the non-smoking ones got booked). I think I may have to rip my eardrums out just so I can sleep. But free high speed internet FTW! I'll probably spend most of my time online, which is quite sad actually but whatever. There are a few things near the area that we can go look into but I don't know if that's what will actually happen.

Random. Bird is hanging half way on the side of his cage trying to preen. It's so funny looking. LMAO.

Anyway, I'll be keeping in touch and checking in on everyone to let you know what's going on. Hopefully we come back to little to no damage.

Calm before the storm. )

Everyone in Louisiana and the Mississippi Coast stay safe. I love you guys. ♥♥♥

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Aug. 19th, 2008 06:39 pm
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The last batch of pictures from the Staind concert. Enjoy.

Let's go down to the rock show. (11 pictures - 900x600) )

Comments and crit is appreciated. :)

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Aug. 17th, 2008 07:42 pm
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Like I said in my last post, the Staind concert was amazing. We got to the Lakefront Arena late because my mom couldn't get off work early so we didn't get to the arena until 7:20 or so. We walked in to none other than Sick Puppies playing. D: I was so pissed that I missed them and that I didn't even know they were playing. What is that? They weren't on the call list. ;jas;gja;gh

Theory of a Deadman came on afterwards and put on a good set. They played some songs from their new album and everything was really cool. Then Hinder came on and man that guy is crazy on stage. He's very interactive with the crowd, moving back and forth across the stage, letting the crowd sing parts of the songs, etc. Overall a very good show.

Then Staind came on and it as just lajsg;ag awesome. I wish I could remember everything they played, but they played Outside, Right Here, Price to Play (opening song), Mudshovel, Believe, It's Been Awhile, Schizophrenic Conversations, Falling Down, and a cover of Turn the Page.

I got my album in the mail yesterday and it is lasjg;asgj awesome. The t-shirt that came with it has an awesome design and I can't wait to log in for all the fan club goodies too. \m/

I took a ton of pictures but only edited 22 out of them. I'll only post a few here because I left them 900 x 600 when I edited them. I also put a watermark in the bottom right-hand corner because I'm paranoid like that. These aren't that fab, but I'm happy with how they came out considering how I was shooting. Lol.

So, onto 080815 Staind ft Hinder and Theory of a Deadman and Sick Puppies at the New Orleans Lakefront Arena.

Some pictures under here. )

I can't wait to do that again. ♥
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I can only hope that they broadcast this. Probably not though.

So many awesome performances! All 13 boys on stage which is .

A video and picspam behind the cut. xD

Oh, bb Kyu. )

The Staind concert last night was fucking alsj;gajs;glhjsa AMAZING. I knew every single song they played except one from their first album that I just didn't recognize. But holy shit that was the most amazing concert I've been to in ages. I brought my camera and took over 330 pictures. *facepalm* That's not including the ones that I deleted during the show. I'll be posting some of those later. I wasn't able to get too close but I think I managed some good shots out of it. Lol.
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Find the first part here.

Days 3-7. )

Things I need to catch up on:
- SJM thread at soompi
- Sj-market posts
- Clubbox downloads D:
- Chunja's Happy Events drama

- Flist (on coming con posts)
- Terminus board (when reopened)

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I can't wait for the next one. Whenever that may be. ♥
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So I got back home last night around 10:00pm or so. I spent the next 3 hours checking 20+ pages of soompi and my friends list. After skip=840 I kind of gave up, so if I managed to miss something just link me here and I'll go read / comment.

Sunny seemed rather happy to see me again, he has yet to bite the piss out of me so I shall deem it safe to say that he forgives me for leaving him for a week.

OMG I missed you guys so much. And 한나씨, 보고 싶을거야. ♥

And on to the con report. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wish I had, but I still have some of the city and a couple of videos of an event I went to (cell phone = crap quality). There will be lots of pictures that don't belong to me, so just be warned you may see these over again. Read it all here; it's rather long and incredibly picture heavy. )

Second part can be found here.
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Finally managed to just resize 37 out of the 200+ pictures I ended up with after deleting over 100 others. I can't edit anything right now because my PS is going crazy on me. Not loading all the menus and stuff. D: So here are some of the pictures I took from the 080712 show at the East Baton Rouge Library.

Potterstock 2008 )

Maybe one day I'll come back and formally edit these. Or maybe not. Eh. Please don't judge me from these crappy images. :(

Things I still need to buy/find before Terminus:
  • Dark brown fedora / gangster hat
  • Money tie
  • White button down shirt
  • Supplies for Tommy gun
  • Brown suede shoes
  • Black flat pointed shoes
  • Pocket watch
  • T-shirts
  • Stencil brushes
  • ACE bandage

I think that's all I need. :/

Two weeks until I leave for Chicago. It's insane! The computer is supposed to be here on the 24th. I need to make an eye doctor appointment and hope that I can get contacts in before I leave. And I need to call my stylist and make a hair appointment either this week or next week. I need a cut badly atm.

I'll be dedicating this week to crafting. Or really just making a couple of t-shirts. As soon as I can get my PS to stop acting like an ass, I can finish this template I want to make. I don't know what to add to that whole blank space though. :/ Sadly I don't see the S.L.U.T. shirts being made. Only 3/6 people responded and by the time anyone else does it'll be too late. It may just have to end up being a CafePress shirt not exactly to the style I wanted for them. It just completely slipped my mind. :/ I still want to try to get buttons made but I don't know how long that would take or if I'll just get a few from CafePress as well. I need to fix and upload the rest of the templates but I don't know if I'll be able to do that in time. ;ajs;gja;jg. So much to do and no time to do it.

Everything has just caught up with me at the worst time. I'll figure it out though. ♥
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It has been raining all day. I don't mean light rain or on and off rain. I mean heavy non-stop rain for at least the last 6 hours.

Look at this shit. )

I think it's finally stopping.

Nope it just started raining hard again. Woe. ;jasgja;g

I still haven't touched the Potterstock photos. Heh. I'll get to those this evening and post tomorrow maybe. I don't know really. You'll see them at least by the end of the week or something.

Ignore this. )

Resolved. I'm just going to wear my pinstripe suit and dress like a female gangster. All I need is a hat and a money tie and I'll be good. I'm going to try to make a Tommy Gun clutch out of something as well. :DD

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