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Today is a memory of two years passed, a day I will never forget no matter how many years go by and no matter how much I try to let go of the pain. Living life with the what ifs haunting me daily, how things would be different (would things be different?), wanting you to be here to see me accomplish the goals I set out for myself.

I just know that I miss you, more than I ever could have imagined.
You're always in my heart, I love you daddy. ♥
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My daddy has gone to a better place now.

He will be terribly missed by all of those who knew and loved him. He managed to touch so many lives and befriend so many people.

Thank you all for the love and the support. ♥

In Memory

Sep. 27th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Girl! Malfoy

August 28, 2004 - September 21, 2007

After all she's been through and always pulled through, she's actually gone.

I'll miss you, baby girl. ♥

Things that aren't equally as depressing. )

In Memory

Jan. 29th, 2007 09:03 pm
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Boy! Potter

October 2004 - January 29, 2007

You will be missed little guy. ♥

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