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Enter Chaos )

My previous pinhole photo post can be found here. These images are a triad.

Things have been worked out with my photo teacher. I really have so much love for her and she gives me a lot of encouragement for my work. She'd much rather me be able to make good work and develop my ideas rather than rush to get a project done just because. For her I am grateful. :)

Sorry for post-whoring so much recently.
And I know I said I was going to step away from the internet, but this is my stress relief aside from listening to music. An addiction I can't overcome. ♥
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Bigger under here + bonus school rant. )

I guess that ends my random ass posting of the day. Ta. ♥
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Just two images that I'm pretty sure I'm going to use as final prints.


Bigger. )

I hope it's not too big to view. :/


Jan. 27th, 2008 12:55 pm
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So instead of spending my weekend enjoying Mardi Gras with friends and family, Friday afternoon my photo teacher decided to throw us an assignment. We had to build 3 cameras and test them for Monday. So I ended up spending Friday and Saturday building and testing my cameras. D: It was fun for what it's worth, but I would have rather been doing something else. Like being in NO with Pattie and Elise for the parades.

Needless to say I have a few pictures of the 5 cameras I built and tested out. I'll have some negatives to add in later this afternoon because I still have to manage to go to Thibodaux to develop everything and hope that it actually worked.

My five cameras under here. )

EHB epi 12 awaits! Bwhahaha.

I will be back later this afternoon to edit this and add to it. I got stuck in parade traffic. DDD:

Til then. ♥


Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:47 am
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Happy Birthday to my one and only niche, Hailly Lynn!
She makes two years old today. Awww.

Have some pictures from her birthday party this past weekend. )

I have to go meet my sister to go try on bridal gowns. Do not want. I have to go shower and like...shave my legs first though. :/

Please check out my previous post if you haven't done so already. It's very large and I would rather it not go unseen. :/

And that's all I have for now.

Ta. ♥


Jan. 15th, 2008 10:14 pm
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Am looking into going to Los Angeles for Spring Break.

Flights are only $364 at the moment. I'm not entirely sure how cheap or not that may be.

I just need a vacation so badly.

And I want to go visit my Robert.

Handwritten log from today. )

On another random note, I want a puppy. The end.

My other photo post is coming tomorrow, I swears it. No class so all shall be fantastic. Even though I am getting up at 7:00 to watch 슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio while I cuddle with Sunny, then get up and go shoot for my assignment. Joy. :D
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Haha. My painting dump from the semester. Sadly (or gladly if you're me) it only includes three paintings. :)

Media includes: oil paints on gesso'd masonite, joint compound (the poor man's moulding paste), and ink.

Err, the images are rather large. 900x900 for the largest. D:

Tonal Blending Still Life )

Abstract Painting Study )

Cityscape )

I'll get dimensions up later. Have to pick up my brother. Ta. ♥
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Tug of War

A little change of pace. )

I think that's it. Oh, if for some reason you missed it, my previous post has some infrared images in it. *cough*

Ta. ♥
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I'm a bit pissed and upset at the moment. I submitted three of my prints to the student show that they have each spring and NOT ONE of them got in. I mean, what does that tell me? I am obviously not doing something right. It's just depressing. *sigh*

Anyway, time for some phone pictures and random stuff that I've been meaning to post.

A new walk-through of the house. Eight videos this time. )

Random phone pictures. You can skip all this if you want. )

I also managed to take some pictures of my Harry Potter collection, since I have it all displayed on my shelves. can skip this as well. Don't tell me how sad and lame this is, I know. D: I haven't gotten anything new in a while besides the last book and the stuff I got from the release party at BAM. I just don't see too much stuff out nowadays. *shrug*

Pictures and details. )

And a cute picture of Sunny to end it all. :)

Now I must be off. I have a math test that I desperately need to study for. Ta. ♥
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This is why I hate paper.
And cutting paper.
And measuring paper.

We can't forget glueing as well.

Projects: Grayscale & Colour Mutation )

Have not picked up Holmes in forever. The only stuff I've been shooting has been Sunny, which is something I always do. Hah. He's my only subject. I really need to go out and shoot something. I hate this idleness. Rar.

I did do this through my boredom streak. Cut for image and RL & Mardi Gras stuff. )

Err...I think that's it now. *shrug* ♥

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Jan. 13th, 2007 02:30 pm
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Getting a head start on my Day of Silence shoot. I'm just trying to polish my ideas and get a general concept to work with.

Are you ready? )

RL stuff. )

Anyway, I think that's it. I need to go shower quickly and head over to John's. Bye all. ♥
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So, I am rather lame, but last night when I got home from John's house, I attempted to macro my eye. LMAO I KNOW. It's really difficult trying to focus something when you can't see what you're doing.

But I really like how these two came out. )

And also, cut for possible TMI. )

Am most probably going to mom's house today to invade her private space via camera. And tomorrow or Tuesday I need to get to school and develop film. (Yes, even though it's the holidays the art building is open three days this week. Score!)

Also! The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus album for all of you. Thanks to Lauren because I can never pass up checking out new bands everrrrr.
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Halloween pictures and a meme. :)

The candy be this way. )

Please to be buying stuff from me. *pouts*

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Sep. 17th, 2006 01:13 pm
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Headed out to Lumen Cristi and Laurel Valley yesterday.
I shot mainly IR with my digital and some b/w film for school.

Grayscale and colour. )

♥ photo.graphic.nerd

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