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Day in and day out. Work work work. That's all I've been doing Mon-Fri for the last two weeks. I feel like I don't have time to get online and socialize with my friends like I have been and like I want to. I'm tired, haven't been sleeping well, my wrist has been hurting me, etc. A million excuses, I know. I'm not used to this working 9-5 on a daily basis. It's draining, especially when there's too much consistency to your day. At least for me it is, but I guess that's what I'm to expect regardless of the type of job I end up with. Oh life.

I'll have a set of pictures from the photo meme ready by this weekend. I think I have pretty much everything shot. I just need to do one or two and then edit and upload. I'm also going to launch my holiday card post soon too so I can get started on that as soon as possible. Since there's no telling how much or how little time I'll have to execute it.^^

Anyway, I must be off to get ready for work. ♥
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My work schedule has been changed after months of it being basically the same.

I'm now working Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, Friday mornings/all day, and every other Saturday. I was working Monday mornings, Wednesday & Thursday evenings, Friday mornings/all day, and every other Saturday.

It will probably change again when we move September 1st. I will most probably be working a lot more than I do now and my boss told me I'm going to have more responsibilities. I have no idea what that entails but I guess I'll find out when we move.

There's a lot I could rant about concerning work but I shall refrain from doing so. I just feel so detached to the real world and everyone that I've been friends with for a while. But it's good to get to hang out with Robert, John, and Ben since it makes me feel human even if we just hang out at the bookstore and go to the movies. Rofl.

I just hope things work out for next summer. To be gone for an entire month will be a much needed getaway. *sigh*

And now it's off to work. La. ♥

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Nov. 7th, 2008 10:37 am
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Infrared images I shot at Tickfaw State Park last Sunday.

Just a few. )

OMG SHOES. I want these and these. Why are they so cute (and cheap!)? Oh Gmarket, why do you tempt me so? It's the things like this that make me want to dress nice and girly all the time Woe.

I opened the store this morning and I have to open again tomorrow. Unfortunately I won't be getting paid until next week. :/ We do get paid every week though instead of every other. which means I will still be constantly broke

Random: Some man just came in and offered me a fresh church made praline but I don't have any money on me. He bought it for me. OMG. That was so sweet.

Please text, comment, email spam me. I'm so bored. :( I hope my mom brings me some sushi for lunch. Mmmm. Getting back to work (ie surfing the internet). ♥

PS. Don't forget about my Holiday card post. ^^

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